We have not forgotten our soldiers who are doing what they do so we can continue to do what we do. We support the U.S. troops wherever they are!!

Send your message and photos here and we'll post them on this page.

Comments from the Troops:

AE2(AW) Timothy Jose USN - My name is Tim and I'm an active duty service member. I've been overseas the past few years and recently moved back home to CT. I just wanted to thank you guys for supporting the troops. I'm not sure if you guys realize it or not, but something as simple as you, or any of your co-workers giving a shout out to our troops, and encouraging people to send us emails and things like that are really meaningful. Thanks again and keep rockin...

Jon E Beaulieu, Sergeant Major, J4 Logistical NCOIC - Just dropping a line to let you know I love listening to some home town good music here in Afghanistan. Keep on rockin’ !!!
SSgt. Lawlor - I've been away from CT for along time and  could never find a station quite like ROCK 106.9. I'm a K-9 handler currently deployed to the Middle East. When I'm not looking for bombs or bad guys I listen to ROCK 106.9 via the internet to keep the unit morale up and keep up with news in CT. I would like to thank everyone in CT and ROCK 106.9 for your continued support, can't wait to get back home. P.S. Go PATS!!!!!!!
SPC Noreikis - Hi my name is SPC Noreikis and ROCK 106.9 has been a huge part of my life in the past. From winning tickets to the Pats to meeting some of the jocks at the webster and the Medows (it will always be the Medows to me), Im in Kuwait and im so gald i could hear ROCK 106.9 over here! As soon as i get home im going to all the concerts i can to make up for lost time. God bless AMERICA and i cant wait to be back in the best country in the world!
STG3 (SW) Alan Bratz - Hey guys. My name is STG3 (SW) Alan Bratz. Im a sailor in the Navy stationed in Norfolk, VA on the USS Normandy. I grew up in CT and have listened to the station since I was about 7. its great to be able to still here great music while out here. Shit out here sucks, its all hip hop. Thanks for playing badass music. Appreciate it.
STG3 Bratz

Army Specialist (E4) Danny - Wounded last year in Iraq and recovered at the Walter Reed Hospital with a visit from Chris Rock (See photo gallery). Dan is now attending College and has healed from shrapnel and brain injury.
A1C Yorski - U.S.A.F. - I'm deployed to Iraq and wanted to say its cool to be able to listen to ROCK 106.9 all the way from over here. I must admit that I miss all the crazy concerts ROCK 106.9 was a part of. Whenever I come home on leave one of the first things I check is the rock concert report to see whats happening while im back. Thanks for the support.
Sgt. Steve - I'm stationed here in Iraq, and found ROCK 106.9 through some of the other soilders from your area. I work in Jet hangars most of the day and night and we have ROCK 106.9 pumping through the stereo system in here. It keeps me motivated during my shifts, and I start to feel like I actually have some friends in the North East! It's tough times over here, but one thing that get's us through is ROCK 106.9. You have no idea how many fans you have here. Keep up the great work. You have a listener for life.
Matt - Whats up man? I just wanted to let you know that I've been out of CT for several years, but still listen to you guys via internet.
I just got back off of another deployment. Even though it was over 130 degrees where I was at, the highlight of the day was hangin in the tent blasting ya'll over the battery operated speakers hooked to the laptop. Ya'lls music motivates the hell out of me dude. Keep it up man.
HOOYA ROCK 106.9!!!! <-VP9
(The Marines I'm stationed with love your sh*t too.)
HOORA! <--From the Devil Dogs in the desert)

Michael - Well, im just sending a quick shout to let ya know ROCK 106.9 is literally, the best rock station in the country. Everyone who makes ROCK 106.9 tick does a great job, and the DJ's are great. Im in the military, and i move around alot, in fact im just finishing up a move out to WY, and i drove from CT to WY and heard alot of radio, and i miss ROCK 106.9 already.

Anyways man, Keep it up, ROCK 106.9's the best, and ill be streaming it always online.
A1C Ames, USAF

Spc Brennan - Hey Whats up guys?
I'm serving in Iraq, I'm in the CT Army National Guard. I've been listening online as much as I can. Still the best radio station half a world away. I don't have any ROCK 106.9 stickers to put on any camel's ass's but if you send me some, I promise you I will get in trouble!!! I'll be back home in 4 months, I'll talk to you all then!

Ryan Bouteiller - Its Tech Sergeant Ryan Bouteiller of the United States Air Force JROTC Torrington High Screaming Eagles CT-20021 wishing all of our troops a safe return to the states. The Screaming Eagles would like to thank you all for fighting for our freedom.

ROCK 106.9
Screaming Eagles!!!!!

Noreikis, 1109th AVCRAD - Sorry for the delay but thanks so much for your box that you sent. It was a big hit with me and the rest of the troops. We will be back soon and can't wait to listen to my Fav. station and rock out at some good summer shows, it's a long time in the making ...can't wait to let loose! Keep rocking and thank you.

GM2 Tim Gandini, USN
Hey Picozzi and afternoon guys, My name is Tim I'm originally from Portland and in the Navy. I just got back from a 7 month tour over in Iraq and Afghanistan and now stationed in Mississippi. As you can guess it absolutely sucks ass down here. For one, there is only one shitty rock station that doesn't even play anything heavy. Actually I heard Hotel California on it the other day and they are suppose to be the number 1 rock station on the gulf coast. Two it's still torn up down here and the water in the gulf in the area looks as if my uncle just took a crap in it and the chicks are all toothless fat country red necks. And three I can't get the planet of sound cd that come out every year this past year. I tried to ask my friend to get me one but it was kinda hard not having any phones or internet. I was wondering if you guys could send me a copy of this last Planet of Sound it would f*cking kick ass.
Thanks dudes you guys f*cking rock!

A1C Mancini - U.S.A.F.
Just wanted to drop ya'll a line and say that being stationed in Korea gets tough being away from the loved ones. ROCK 106.9 is always playin on my computer and it sure as hell makes me feel back home. On base we have one radio station that just repeats songs every 2 hours or so, so ROCK 106.9 saves us all from the bordom of BS radio. The DJ's and music helps all of us get through the days. Everyone over here loves you guys and want to thank you for supporting us all. ROCK 106.9 RULES Thanks for the awesome music, keep rockin!

SPC Hjulstrom - CT Army National Guard - Military Police
I am on my way to Iraq and right now mobilizing in FT Leonard Wood, Missouri, and I listen to you guys every chance I get online, Especially Brother Don!!! I'm sure that if I have internet overseas I will definitely be listening to get a taste of home. Once again, Peace Be With You Brotha Don! And when I make it home I will continue to listen to ROCK 106.9! Take care, and keep up the good work back home!

SrA Yorski - USAF
Watsup guys im on my second tour to iraq and just wanted to say thanks for the support. when im not training iraqi police im listening to ROCK 106.9 via internet. im coming home for mid tour next week...looking forward to seeing u at the black label show.