Paranormal Station.

By: Lady V (A.K.A. Virginia Calcagni)


“It’s only a game isn’t it?” 

It’s fun to watch shows on television or movies like: Paranormal Activity, American Horror Story, Mythbusters, Ghostbusters, and many more.  But imagine this: imagine being in a building that was haunted.  Now imagine that the building that you are in is haunted by five ghosts.  Yes, you read that right FIVE ghosts.

The Rock is located in a very old building that was once used for a doctor’s house, another station, and other things.  The house was originally built in 1929, but there are ghosts in the building that date back about 1861.

This past Halloween (10/31/11) Shekinah Paranormal based out of the north western CT area paid a visit to The Rock, and Raven in the Morning.

Previously it was believed that the station was haunted by a ghost by the name of Edwin.  Edwin would “prank,” people in the station, and stop after his name was said aloud.  Seems like this ghost just wanted a little bit of attention.

However, it seems now that Edwin is no longer with us here at the rock, and hopefully he has moved on to a better place.  There are now five ghosts that haunt this building according to Shekinah Paranormal, and medium Crystal Pavis.

Shekinah Paranormal came to the rock twice, the second time after they had done an investigation on the property.  The equipment that they had with them picked up things from the ghosts that Pavis was hearing.  The team was able to pick up a few EVP’s which are ghost voices, and ghost recordings.

The first ghost is named Jacob.  Jacob is believed to be an adult, and he lives upstairs on the third floor in the bathroom.  He likes females, and was very nice to Crystal.  The team was able to get a double EVP from Jacob of him talking to a female.

The second ghost is in the basement of the asylum and goes by the name of Jeremy.  Jeremy also happens to be the name of one of the receptionists here.  Jeremy is 16 years old and doesn’t know that he is dead.  He kept identifying the year 1861 according to Pavis. 

Pavis said that some ghosts do not know that they are dead.  Pavis also believes that Jeremy could be demonic, because during their interaction he was scratching at the walls.  She also said that he likes to try and take on personalities.  One of them happens to be the personality of our receptionist Jeremy.

The third ghost is Nurse Margret, she is on the main stair case, (hope I don’t step on her when I go up that!!!) She as well as Jeremy does not think that she is dead, and actually believes that someone has taken her office, which used to be on the third floor…poor Rex.  Margret was in fact the most talkative ghost; she has a lot of secrets some of which she showed to Pavis.

This woman reminded me of the movie Paranormal Activity.

The final two ghosts go by the names of Sally and Mitch; they say that they used to work here when this was a different radio station over ten years ago.  They are responsible for opening cabinets.

Raven said that there have always been noises, and some strange things here.

Maybe the rock will get ghosts like nearly headless Nick in the Harry Potter series.  Maybe these ghosts will unveil more information about past establishments. 

All we know is that they are here, and they are out there. Who knows what will happen next stay tuned!