Name: Stephen Wayne a.k.a.: SDub

Occupation: Button Pusher / Conduit


Hometown: Hartford CT

For nearly 20 years he has brought his cavalcade of stupidity to the masses on the greatest radio station in the world!!!!! Stephen's loves are music, beer and self gratification. Stephen has no children and is not and never has been married, (Who would want him and why would he spawn!!!) Stephen's favorite color is....ah duh....Black. Stephen believes in the highest power of our savoir M.j.K. And Stephen is the Vice President of the Hartford Chapter Of The Black Label Society. And Stephen's brotherhood, is D.I.M.E.. 


"Twirling round with this familiar parable. Spinning, weaving round each new experience. Recognize this as a holy gift and celebrate this chance to be alive and breathing. This body holding me reminds me of my own mortality. Embrace this moment. Remember. We are eternal. All this pain is an illusion......"


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